Every year we put up this display and this area was created to thank people who have donated christmas lights, figures, food, time, etc. A countless amount of hours goes into this display but its amazing when others step up and donate something to it and my wife and I think they should be mentioned.

  • Bill & Betty Sawallisch - help put up display, build projects, donates food, decorate
  • Joe Tucker & Family - donates popcorn and machine for our special night
  • Mickie & Terry Brunner Family - donated outdoor christmas figures
  • Tim & Mary Ann Timlin - donated outdoor christmas figures
  • In 2011 - we donated to PADS (South Suburban PADS)
  • In 2012 - we donated to the Red Cross
  • In 2013 - we donated to the Red Cross
We would like to thank everyone that has donated Christmas items in the past!

The Sawallisch Family